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Short description: Hypothetical planet that orbits a black hole

A blanet is a member of a hypothetical class of exoplanets that orbit black holes.[1]

Blanets are fundamentally similar to planets; they have enough mass to be rounded by their own gravity, but are not massive enough to start thermonuclear fusion, just like planets that orbit stars. In 2019, a team of astronomers and exoplanetologists showed that there is a safe zone around a supermassive black hole that could harbor thousands of blanets in orbit around it.[2][3]


The team led by Keiichi Wada of Kagoshima University in Japan has given this name to black hole planets.[4] The word is a portmanteau of black hole and planet.


Blanets are suspected to form in the accretion disk that orbits a sufficiently large black hole.[3][5]


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