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Short description: Football-sized primarily pyroxene rock found in the Margaritifer Sinus quadrangle of Mars
Bounce Rock
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False-color composite of "Bounce" rock after being drilled by the rock abrasion tool of the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity
Feature typeRock
CoordinatesCoordinates: 1°54′S 354°30′E / 1.9°S 354.5°E / -1.9; 354.5

Bounce Rock is a football-sized primarily pyroxene rock found within the Margaritifer Sinus quadrangle (MC-19) region of the planet Mars. It was discovered and observed by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity in April 2004. The rock was named for it having been struck by Opportunity as the craft bounced to a stop during its landing stage.

Bounce Rock bears a striking resemblance[1] to a class of meteorites found on Earth known as shergottites, that are believed to have originated from Mars.

Bopolu (crater) was identified as a possible source of Bounce rock.[2]

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