Astronomy:Mackinac Island meteorite

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Short description: Martian meteorite
Mackinac Island meteorite
Mackinac Island.jpg
Parent bodyUnknown
CompositionNickel, iron, Kamacite, taenite[1][2]
Weathering gradeLarge-scale, cavernous weathering[2]
RegionMeridiani Planum
CoordinatesCoordinates: 02°07′02″S 05°31′22.43″W / 2.11722°S 5.5228972°W / -2.11722; -5.5228972[3]
Observed fallNo
Fall datePossibly late Noation
Found date2009-10-13[4]
Strewn fieldPossibly[5]

Mackinac Island meteorite was found on Mars by the Opportunity rover on October 13, 2009.


Mackinac Island was the third of three iron meteorites encountered by the rover on Meridiani Planum within a few hundred meters, the others being Shelter Island and Block Island.[2]

Mackinac Island may have fallen on Mars in the late Noachian period and is extensively weathered.[2][5]

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