Astronomy:Oileán Ruaidh (Mars rock)

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Short description: Meteorite found on Mars
Oileán Ruaidh (Mars rock)
Oileán Ruaidh.jpg
A picture of the rock taken by Opportunity rover while it was 31 meters away.
TypeIron meteorite
Found dateSeptember 2010

Oileán Ruaidh (pronounced "ill-lawn roo-ah") is a rock discovered on Mars in September 2010 by the Opportunity rover. It is a 45 centimeter wide dark rock that is thought to be an iron meteorite. It was given the name Oileán Ruaidh ("Red Island") after the Irish language name of Oileán Ruaidh island in County Donegal in Ireland.

A close-up of the meteorite (September 24, 2010).

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