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Short description: Meteorite on Mars
Shelter Island meteorite
Shelter Island meteorite cropped, sharpened and straightened.jpg
Shelter Island meteorite viewed by the Opportunity rover (October 3, 2009).
Parent bodyUnknown
CompositionKamacite, taenite[1]
Weathering gradeLarge-scale, cavernous weathering[1]
RegionMeridiani Planum
CoordinatesCoordinates: 02°07′04″S 05°31′41.30″W / 2.11778°S 5.528139°W / -2.11778; -5.528139[2]
Observed fallNo
Fall datePossibly late Noachian
Found dateDecember 1, 2009
Strewn fieldPossibly[3]
Shelter Island meteorite - close-up (October 1, 2009).

Shelter Island meteorite was found on Mars by the Opportunity rover on October 1, 2009. It is about 27 centimetres (11 in) long.[4]


Shelter Island was the second of three iron meteorites encountered by the rover on Meridiani Planum within a few hundred meters, the others being Block Island and Mackinac Island.[1]

Shelter Island may have fallen on Mars in the late Noachian period and is extensively weathered.[1][3]

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