Physics:T meson

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T meson
Interactionsstrong, weak, gravitational, electromagnetic
SymbolT0, T+, T+s, T0c, T+b
electric chargeT0, T0c: 0 e
T+, T+s, T+b: +1 e

T mesons are hypothetical mesons composed of a top quark and either an up (T0), down (T+), strange (T+s), charm antiquark (T0c) or bottom antiquark (T+b).[1] Because of the top quark's short lifetime, T mesons are not expected to be found in nature.[2] The combination of a top quark and top antiquark is not an open T meson, but rather a closed top-quark meson called toponium. Each T meson has an antiparticle that is composed of a top antiquark and an up (T0), down (T), strange (Ts), charm quark (T0c) or bottom quark (Tb) respectively.


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