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Helium-weak stars are chemically peculiar stars which have a weak helium lines for their spectral type.[1][2] Their helium lines place them in a later (i.e. cooler) spectral type then their hydrogen lines.[3]

List of helium-weak stars

This is a non-extensive list of helium-weak stars.[4][5]

Caption text
Star Name Constellation Apparent Magnitude (mv) Class Notes
20 Eridani (EG Eridani) Eridanus 5.23 B8/9 III α2 CVn variable
30 Capricorni Capricornus 5.38 B5 II/III
θ Hydri Hydrus 5.50 bgcolor="Template:Color temperature"| B8 III/IV Suspected Binary;
22 Eridani (FY Eridani) Eridanus 5.53 B9 IIIpSi (4200) α2 CVn variable
HD 74196 Vela 5.61 B7 Vn Part of IC 2391
HD 28843 (DZ Eridani) Eridanus 5.81 bgcolor="Template:Color temperature"| B9 III SX Arietis variable
12 Canis Majoris (HK Canis Majoris) Canis Major 6.08 bgcolor="Template:Color temperature"| B7 II/III SX Arietis variable
HD 34797 (TX Leporis) Lepus 6.54 B7 Vp α2 CVn variable; binary
HD 35456 Orion 6.95 B9 II/III Binary

Helium-strong star

A related class of stars have anomalously strong helium lines in their spectra, and are known as helium-strong stars.[1]

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