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This is a list of stars which are the least voluminous known (the smallest stars by volume).


Notable small stars

This is a list of small stars that are notable for characteristics that are not separately listed.

Star name Star mean radius, kilometres Star class Notes References
CXOU J085201.4-461753 1.2 Neutron star [1]
PSR B0943+10 2.6 Pulsar (quark star?) Neutron stars are stellar remnants produced when a star of around 8–9 solar masses or more explodes in a supernova at the end of its life. They are usually produced by stars of less than 20 solar masses, although a more massive star may produce a neutron star in certain cases. PSR B0943+10 is one of the least massive stars, with 0.02 solar masses. [2]
CXO J232327.9+584842 2.7 Neutron star [1]
PSR B1257+12 10 Pulsar Orbited by three planets. [3]
PSR B0531+21 (Crab pulsar) 10 Relatively young at 999 years old as of June 2023. [4]
Geminga 10 [5]
Vela pulsar 10 [6]
XTE J1739-285 10.9 Pulsar (quark star?) [7]
PSR J0348+0432 A 13 ± 2 Pulsar Orbited by a white dwarf star (see below) [8]
PSR J1748-2446ad <16 Fastest-spinning pulsar known. [9]
RX J1856.5−3754 19 Neutron star Closest neutron star discovered to date. [10]
PSR B1620-26 24 Pulsar
XTE J1650-500 B 24 Black hole This binary X-ray transient system, XTE J1650-500, component black hole, at 3.8 solar masses, is smaller than the previous recordholder GRO J1655-40 B of 6.3 MSun in the microquasar system GRO J1655-40. [11]
HD 49798 1,600 White dwarf One of the smallest white dwarf stars known. [12]
ZTF J1901+1458 1,809 [13]
GRW +70 8247 3,300 [14]
BPM 37093 3,965.5
IK Pegasi B 4,174 [15]
Sirius B 5,466 Historically first detected white dwarf star [16]
LB 1497 5,494.5 [17]
40 Eridani B 5,547.5
Procyon B 6,700 [18][19]
Gliese 915 6,748.3 [20]
AR Scorpii 6,950 The only known white dwarf pulsar [21]
G 29-38 6,950 [22]
QS Virginis A 7,658
ZZ Ceti 8,209 [23]
GD 165 A 8,626.5 [23]
ESO 439-26 8,775.5 Faintest known white dwarf.[24]
Wolf 489 9,044 [25]
Van Maanen 2 9,048 [26]
WD 1856+534 9,113.67 [27]
WD 1145+017 13,926.84 Host star of one of the smallest exoplanets. [28]
PSR J0348+0432 B 45,268 A white dwarf that orbits its pulsar companion (see above) [8]
EPIC 201702477 54,120 Brown dwarf Smallest known brown dwarf star [29]
Epsilon Indi Ba 55,656 [30]
LHS 6343 C 55,978 [31]
Epsilon Indi Bb 57,050 [30]
54 Piscium B 57,050 [32]
UGPS J0521+3640 57,193.5
EBLM J0555-57Ab 60,000 Red dwarf This red dwarf has a size comparable to that of the planet Saturn. As of 2019, it is the second lightest hydrogen-fusing star known, marginally heavier (0.0777-0.0852M) than the 2MASS J0523-1403. Although its mass is comparable to that of TRAPPIST-1, its radius is 1/3 smaller. [33][34][35]
Luhman 16 A 60,768 Brown dwarf Luhman 16 A and Luhman 16 B are the closest brown dwarf stars to Earth. [lower-alpha 1]
SSSPM J0829-1309 61,300 Red dwarf An L2 dwarf that is fusing hydrogen. Similarly to 2MASS J0523-1403, SSSPM J0829-1309 is one of the least luminous and massive hydrogen-fusing stars, and is smaller than Jupiter. [36][37]
WISE 1405+5534 61,483 Brown dwarf [38]
2MASS 0939-2448 B 62,600 [39]
UGPS 0722-05 63,340 Possibly a rogue planet [40]
2MASS J0348−6022 64,700 [41]
SCR 1845−6357 A 66,790 Red dwarf
2MASS 0937+2931 67,200 Brown dwarf [42]
DENIS J081730.0−615520 67,200 [42]
DENIS 0255−4700 69,600 [43]
2MASS J0523-1403 70,600
GD 165 B 71,492 Brown dwarf [44]
DENIS-P J1058.7−1548 71,492 [45]
LHS 2924 71,657 Red dwarf [46]
2MASS 0036+1821 72,200 Brown dwarf [42]
Luhman 16 B 74,350 Luhman 16 B and Luhman 16 A are the closest brown dwarf stars to Earth. [lower-alpha 1]
Teegarden's Star 74,439.9 Red dwarf Has two potentially habitable planets [47]
DENIS J1048−3956 75,135.5 [48]
DX Cancri 76,527 [49]
Gliese 229 B 79,000 Brown dwarf
OGLE-TR-122B 81,100 Red dwarf This was once the smallest known actively fusing star, when found in 2005, through 2013. It is the smallest eclipsing red dwarf, and smallest observationally measured diameter. [50][51][52]
VB 10 82,300 [53]
TRAPPIST-1 84,180 Hosts a planetary system with at least seven rocky planets. [54]
VB 8 84,450 [53]
2MASS 0939-2448 A 87,220 Brown dwarf [55]
Gliese 412 B 90,400 Red dwarf [56]
Gliese 1002 95,310 Has two confirmed exoplanets [57]
Luyten 726-8 (A and B) 97,000 [58]
Wolf 359 100,180.8 [53]
Gliese 1061 105,746.4 Has three confirmed exoplanets [53]
Proxima Centauri 107,277 This is the nearest neighbouring star to the Sun. [59]
YZ Ceti 116,877.5 [60]
UY Sextantis 118,250 Blue-white subdwarf [61]
Kepler-42 121,750 Red dwarf Has three confirmed exoplanets [62]
HW Virginis B 121,835 [63]
Groombridge 34 B 125,200 [64]
Wolf 1069 126,130 Has one confirmed exoplanet [65]
HW Virginis A 127,404.6 Subdwarf B star [63]
Gliese 3323 129,539.5 Red dwarf Has two confirmed exoplanets [47]
Ross 248 132,183 [56]
Barnard's Star 136,357 The star with the highest proper motion[66] [67]
Ross 128 136,844 Has one confirmed exoplanet [68]
Kepler-70 141,329 Subdwarf B star Possibly has two exoplanets. [69]
Gliese 1214 141,922 Red dwarf Has a confirmed exoplanet [53]
Gliese 754 142,618.5 [70]
LHS 1140 142,618.5 Has two confirmed exoplanets [53]
Gliese 1132 149,575 Has two confirmed exoplanets [53]
LSR J1835+3259 150,133 Brown dwarf [71]
LHS 292 153,564 Red dwarf [72]
CT Chamaeleontis B 157,282.4 Brown dwarf
Kepler-1649 161,400 Red dwarf Has two confirmed exoplanets [73]
CM Draconis B 166,689.72 [74]
Ross 695 167,000 [75]
Ross 154 167,000 [76]
Kruger 60 B 167,000 [77]
CM Draconis A 176,000 [78]
Z Andromedae B 184,530.63 White dwarf Largest white dwarf [79]
55 Cancri B 186,447.5 Red dwarf [80]
Gliese 105 B 193,405 [56]
LHS 475 194,030.5 Has one confirmed exoplanet [81]
HR 7703 194,800 [77]
Mu Cassiopeiae Ab 201,750 [82]
Kapteyn's Star 202,448.7 This is the closest halo star to the Sun. [83]
Gliese 581 215,700 Has three confirmed exoplanets [53]
Wolf 1061 221,900 Has three confirmed exoplanets [53]
Xi Ursae Majoris Ab 222,600 [84]
Gliese 1 229,580 [85]
Gliese 667 C 234,450.9 Has two confirmed exoplanets [53]
Luyten's Star 243,500 Has two confirmed exoplanets and other two unconfirmed [86]
Kruger 60 A 243,500 [77]
EV Lacertae 250,500 [87]
Gliese 251 253,235 Has one confirmed exoplanet [88]
AT Microscopii A 257,400 [89]
Gliese 876 258,800 Has four confirmed exoplanets [53]
LHS 6343 A 259,495 [31]
Gliese 412 A 264,400 [56]
Groombridge 34 A 267,800 [53]
Teide 1 270,240 Brown dwarf [90][91]
AD Leonis 271,323 Red dwarf [92]
Gliese 908 271,323 [75]
Lalande 21185 273,500 [93]
LHS 6343 B 274,100 [31]
Gliese 179 278,300 Has two confirmed exoplanets [94]
AT Microscopii A 285,250 [89]
Gliese 588 292,200 [95]
Gliese 686 292,200 Has a confirmed exoplanet [96]
TOI 700 292,200 Has four confirmed exoplanets [97]
QS Virginis B 292,404
Gliese 180 294,211.5 Has two confirmed exoplanets [47]
Gliese 408 299,150 [77]
Gliese 3634 299,150 Has a confirmed exoplanet [98]
Gliese 436 300,542 Has a confirmed exoplanet [53]
WR 93b 306,108 Wolf-Rayet [99]
Gliese 832 307,500 Red dwarf Has two exoplanets [53]
Gliese 877 307,500 [100]
Lacaille 9352 320,000 [93]

Smallest stars by type

List of the smallest stars by star type
Type Star name Radius
Solar radii
(Sun = 1)
Jupiter radii
(Jupiter = 1)
Earth radii
(Earth = 1)
(km / mi)
Date Notes References
Red dwarf EBLM J0555-57Ab 0.084 0.84 9.41 60,000 km (37,000 mi) 2017 The red dwarf stars are considered the smallest stars known, and representative of the smallest star possible. [33][34][35]
Brown dwarf EPIC 201702477 (fr)b 0.076 0.76 8.48 54,120 km (33,630 mi) 2017 Brown dwarfs are not massive enough to build up the pressure in the central regions to allow nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. They are best described as extremely massive gas giants that were not able to ignite into a hydrogen-fusing star. [29]
White dwarf HD 49798 0.0023 0.023 0.25 1,600 km (990 mi) 2021 White dwarfs are stellar remnants produced when a star with around 8 solar masses or less sheds its outer layers into a planetary nebula. The leftover core becomes the white dwarf. It is thought that white dwarfs cool down over quadrillions of years to produce a black dwarf. [12]
Neutron star PSR B0943+10 0.0000037356 0.0000363677 0.000407643 2.6 km

(1.61 mi)

1968 Neutron stars are stellar remnants produced when stars with around 9 solar masses or more explode in supernovae at the ends of their lives. They are usually produced by stars with less than 20 solar masses, although a more massive star may produce a neutron star in certain cases. PSR B0943+10 is one of the least massive stars with 0.02 solar masses.
Stellar-mass black hole XTE J1650-500 B 0.0000344828 0.000335702 0.00376285 24 km (15 mi) 2008 Black holes are stellar remnants usually produced when extremely massive stars explode in a supernova or hypernova at the end of their lives. [11]

Timeline of smallest red dwarf star recordholders

Red dwarfs are considered the smallest star known that are active fusion stars, and are the smallest stars possible that is not a brown dwarf.

List of smallest red dwarf titleholders
Star name Date Radius
Solar radii
(Sun = 1)
Jupiter radii
(Jupiter = 1)
EBLM J0555-57Ab 2017-Today 0.084 0.84 60,000 km (37,000 mi) This star has a size comparable to that of Saturn. [33][34][35]
2MASS J0523-1403 2013-2017 0.102 1.01 70,600 km (43,900 mi) Lowest mass main sequence star as in 2020. [101][36][102][42]
OGLE-TR-122B 2005-2013 0.117 1.16 81,100 km (50,400 mi) [50][51][52]


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