Astronomy:Ariadnes Colles

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Ariadnes Colles
Ariadnes Colles by HRSC.jpg
The west of Ariadnes Colles, as seen by HRSC camera of the Mars Express. North is on the right
LocationPhaethontis quadrangle
CoordinatesCoordinates: 34°30′S 172°47′E / 34.5°S 172.78°E / -34.5; 172.78

Ariadnes Colles is a region of colles (hills) in the northeast of Eridania quadrangle of Mars. It is located around 34.5 ° south latitude, and 172.78° east longitude. It covers 180 by 160 kilometers (112 by 99 mi).[1] The feature was named after a classic albedo feature by the IAU in 1982.[2]

Perspective view of Ariadnes Colles by HRSC of the Mars Express. As the photo was taken toward the southwest, north is on the bottom right
Map of Eridania Lake