Astronomy:Focas (Martian crater)

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Short description: Crater on Mars
Focas Crater
Western side of Focas Crater, as seen by CTX camera (on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter).
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] : 33°54′N 347°18′W / 33.9°N 347.3°W / 33.9; -347.3[1] (optional)
Diameter76.5 km

Focas Crater is an impact crater in the Ismenius Lacus quadrangle of Mars. It is located at 33.9° N and 347.3° W and its name was approved in 1973. Focas Crater is 76.5 km in diameter. It was named after Jean Focas.[2] Pictures reveal many small channels along its rim; some are visible in pictures below from CTX.


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