Astronomy:Eudoxus (Martian crater)

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Short description: Crater on Mars
Eudoxus Crater
Location of Eudoxus Crater
RegionPhaethontis quadrangle
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] : 44°54′S 147°30′W / 44.9°S 147.5°W / -44.9; -147.5
Diameter98 km

Eudoxus is an impact crater in the Phaethontis quadrangle of Mars, located at 44.9°S latitude and 147.5°W longitude. It is 98.0 km in diameter. It was named after Greek astronomer Eudoxus of Cnidus (4th century BC), and the name was approved in 1973.[1]

The closest named crater is Hipparchus to the west, other named craters are further away including Nansen to the southeast and Yaren to the east.

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