Astronomy:Gold (crater)

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Short description: Crater on Mars
Viking Teardrop Islands.jpg
Tear-drop shaped islands caused by flood waters from Ares Vallis, as seen by Viking Orbiter. The islands were formed by the ejecta of Lod, Bok, and Gold craters.
CoordinatesCoordinates: 20°02′N 328°46′E / 20.03°N 328.76°E / 20.03; 328.76
Diameter8.91 km (5.54 mi)

Gold is a crater in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars. It was named after a town in Potter County, Pennsylvania in 1976.[1]

Gold is famous as being one of several craters showing clear evidence that it was affected by floods of water from Ares Vallis on Mars.