Astronomy:Nicholson (Martian crater)

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Martian crater Nicholson based on day THEMIS.png
Crater Nicholson based on THEMIS day-time image
CoordinatesCoordinates: 0°12′N 164°36′W / 0.2°N 164.6°W / 0.2; -164.6
Diameter102.5 km

Nicholson is a crater on Mars centered at 0.1° N and 164.5° W. It is 62 miles (100 km) wide, and located in the Memnonia quadrangle. Nicholson is a good marker for the equator as it sits almost directly on the martian equator. It is named after Seth Barnes Nicholson, an American astronomer.

Nicholson is notable for its central peak, which rises in a high mound 3.5 km above the crater floor. This rounded peak is riddled with channels, which may have been eroded by wind or even water.

Topographic map of crater Nicholson

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