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Short description: Vallis on Mars
Naktong Vallis
Naktong Vallis.JPG
Naktong Vallis as seen by HiRISE
CoordinatesCoordinates: 5°18′N 327°06′W / 5.3°N 327.1°W / 5.3; -327.1
Length670 kilometres (416 mi)
NamingRiver in Korea[1]

Naktong Vallis is an ancient river valley in the Arabia quadrangle of Mars, located at 5.3 degrees north latitude and 327.1 degrees west longitude. It is 670 km long and was named after the Nakdong River in Korea.[1]

Naktong Vallis is part of the Naktong/Scamander/Mamers Valles lake-chain system that is comparable in length of Earth's largest system, like the Missouri-Mississippi.[2]


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