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Reull Vallis
CoordinatesCoordinates: 42°36′S 255°54′W / 42.6°S 255.9°W / -42.6; -255.9
NamingWord for "planet" in Gaelic

Reull Vallis is a valley on Mars that appears to have been carved by water. It runs westward into Hellas Planitia. It is named after the Gaelic word for planet. It is found in the Hellas quadrangle.

Lineated Floor Deposits

On the floors of some channels are features called lineated floor deposits. They are ridged and grooved materials that seem to deflect around obstacles. They are believed to be ice-rich. Some glaciers on the Earth show such features. Lineated floor deposits may be related to lobate debris aprons, which have been proven to contain large amounts of ice. Reull Vallis, as pictured below, displays these deposits.[1][2][3]


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