Astronomy:Redi (crater)

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Redi Crater
Part of Redi seen by MRO's CTX camera
CoordinatesCoordinates: 60°36′S 92°48′E / 60.6°S 92.8°E / -60.6; 92.8
Diameter62 km
Redi Crater, showing dust devil tracks and mantle, as seen by CTX camera (on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter). Note: this is an enlargement of the previous image of Redi Crater.

Redi is an impact crater Mars, located in the Hellas quadrangle at 60.6°S latitude and 267.3°W longitude. The crater measures 62 kilometers in diameter and was named after 17th century Italian physician Francesco Redi. The name was approved by IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature in 1973.[1] Redi Crater displays dust devil tracks. Part of its floor is covered by a smooth deposit called "latitude dependent mantle."

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