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Eden Patera
Eden Patera based on day THEMIS.png
Eden Patera based on THEMIS day-time image
Feature typePatera
CoordinatesCoordinates: 33°36′N 348°54′E / 33.6°N 348.9°E / 33.6; 348.9
NamingClassical albedo feature name

Eden Patera is a feature located in the Mare Acidalium quadrangle on the planet Mars. In October 2013 the feature gained some attention when it was speculated it may be a supervolcano rather than an impact crater, according to research from the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, led by Joseph R. Michalski.[1][2][3] The research postulated the crater was formed by the volcano's caldera collapsing, rather than from an impact.[4] Some of reasons for suspecting that Eden Patera is a collapsed caldera not an impact crater are its irregular shape, an apparent lack of a raised rim or central peak, and lack of impact ejecta.[4]

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