Astronomy:Kunowsky (Martian crater)

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Short description: Crater on Mars
Kunowsky Crater
Kunowsky Crater ringed by seasonal frost (MGS/MOC, March 2004).
CoordinatesCoordinates: 57°06′N 9°42′W / 57.1°N 9.7°W / 57.1; -9.7
Diameter67.4 km

Kunowsky is a crater in the Mare Acidalium quadrangle of Mars, located at 57.1° north latitude and 9.7° west longitude. It is 67.4 km in diameter and was named after Georg Karl Friedrich Kunowsky, a German astronomer (1786–1846).[1] Because it lies on a large flat plain, Kunowsky is easy to spot on maps and pictures. It lies in the northern hemisphere just south of the very large crater Lomonosov.[2]

Kunowsky Crater Floor, as seen by HiRISE. The scale bar is 500 meters long.

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