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Short description: Crater on Mars
Mariner Crater
Mars m04 11e.jpg
Mariner 4 discovery image
RegionPhaethontis quadrangle
CoordinatesCoordinates: 35°06′S 164°30′W / 35.1°S 164.5°W / -35.1; -164.5
Diameter170 km
Jack N. James (center), JPL's Mariner 4 Project Manager, with a group in the White House presenting the spacecraft's famous picture Number 11 of Mars to US President Lyndon B. Johnson (center right) in July 1965, showing the Mariner crater.[1]

Mariner Crater is a crater on Mars with a diameter of 170 km. It is located in the Phaethontis quadrangle at 35.1° south latitude and 164.5° west longitude. Its name refers to the Mariner IV spacecraft.[2] In fact it is probably the best image that was taken with the Mariner IV spacecraft. Images of this crater are shown from the Mariner 4 and Mars Reconnaissance missions. One can compare the resolutions from the Mariner IV camera, CTX, and HiRISE.

Gullies are found in Mariner.[3][4]

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