Astronomy:Vogel (Martian crater)

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Vogel crater 084A07.jpg
Viking Orbiter 1 image of Vogel
RegionNoachis Terra
Argyre quadrangle
CoordinatesCoordinates: 36°48′S 13°24′W / 36.8°S 13.4°W / -36.8; -13.4
Diameter121 km (75 mi)
West side of Vogel crater, as seen by CTX camera (on MRO)
Topographic map showing location of Vogel and other nearby craters

Vogel is an impact crater in the Argyre quadrangle of Mars, located at 36.8°S latitude and 13.4°W longitude, and is inside Noachis Terra. It measures approximately 121 kilometres (75 mi) in diameter and was named after German astronomer Hermann Carl Vogel. The name was approved by IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature in 1973.[1]

Vogel is located northeast of Hartwig crater.

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