Astronomy:Robert Sharp (crater)

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Robert Sharp Crater
Mare Tyrrhenum map.JPG
Map of Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle. Robert Sharp Crater is in the northeast part (upper right corner) of the map.
CoordinatesCoordinates: 4°10′S 133°25′E / 4.17°S 133.42°E / -4.17; 133.42
Diameter152.08 km (94.50 mi)[1]

Robert Sharp is a crater on the planet Mars in the northeastern part of Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle at 4°10′S 133°25′E / 4.17°S 133.42°E / -4.17; 133.42.[1] The crater is 152.08 km (94.50 mi) in diameter and is located about 260 km (160 mi) west of Gale Crater (the landing location of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover on 6 August 2012[2][3][4]). Robert Sharp Crater was named for geologist and planetary scientist Robert P. Sharp in 2012.[1]

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