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Short description: Crater on Mars
Green Crater Gullies.jpg
Gullies in Green Crater, as seen by HiRISE.
CoordinatesCoordinates: 52°42′S 8°24′W / 52.7°S 8.4°W / -52.7; -8.4

Green Crater is an impact crater in the Argyre quadrangle of Mars, located at 52.7° S and 8.4° W. It is 184.0 km in diameter and was named after Nathan E. Green, a British astronomer (1823-1899).[1]


Debris flows have been observed on some of the dunes in this crater. Some researchers believe that they may be caused by liquid water. Liquid water could be stable for short periods of time in the summer in the southern hemisphere of Mars. These gully-like debris flows may be due to small amounts of ice melting.[2]


Barchan dunes are present in Green Crater and visible in pictures below. When there are perfect conditions for producing sand dunes, steady wind in one direction and just enough sand, a barchan sand dune forms. Barchans have a gentle slope on the wind side and a much steeper slope on the lee side where horns or a notch often forms.[3]

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