Astronomy:Rutherford (Martian crater)

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Rutherford Crater
Topographic location of Rutherford Crater
CoordinatesCoordinates: 19°12′N 10°42′W / 19.2°N 10.7°W / 19.2; -10.7
Diameter107.08 km

Rutherford is an impact crater on Mars. It is located the Oxia Palus quadrangle inside Arabia Terra at 19.2° N and 10.7° W. and measures approximately 107 kilometers in diameter. The crater was named after British physicist Ernest Rutherford in 1973.[1]


Some close up images of the crater show dunes and light-toned material. Light-toned rocks on Mars have been associated with hydrated minerals like sulfates. The Mars Rover Opportunity examined such layers close-up with several instruments. Scientists are excited about finding hydrated minerals such as sulfates and clays on Mars because they are usually formed in the presence of water.[2] Places that contain clays and/or other hydrated minerals would be good places to look for evidence of life.[3]


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