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Bahram Vallis
Bahram Vallis based on day THEMIS.png
Bahram Vallis based on THEMIS day-time image
CoordinatesCoordinates: 20°42′N 57°30′W / 20.7°N 57.5°W / 20.7; -57.5
Map of Lunae Palus quadrangle with labels. Kasei Valles is a very large ancient river valley.

Bahram Vallis is an ancient river valley in the Lunae Palus quadrangle of Mars at 20.7° north latitude and 57.5° west longitude. It is about 302 km long and was named after the word for 'Mars' in Persian.[1] Bahram Vallis is located midway between Vedra Valles and lower Kasei Valles. It is basically a single trunk valley, with scalloped walls in some places. The presence of streamlined erosional features on its floor shows that fluid was involved with its formation.[2]


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