Astronomy:Airy (Martian crater)

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Short description: Impact crater on Mars
MOLA airy.jpg
CoordinatesCoordinates: 5°06′S 0°06′E / 5.1°S 0.1°E / -5.1; 0.1
Diameter43 kilometres (27 mi)
Mosaic of Viking Orbiter 1 images

Airy is an impact crater in the Sinus Meridiani region on Mars, named in honor of the British Astronomer, Royal Sir George Biddell Airy (1801–1892). The crater is approximately 43 kilometres (27 mi) in diameter and is located at 0.1°E 5.1°S in the Meridiani Planum region. The much smaller crater Airy-0, which defines the location of Mars' prime meridian, lies within it.[1]

Airy-0 crater (27 October 2021)
Annotated elevation map of Opportunity landing site and some surrounding craters including Endeavour and Airy

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