Astronomy:Reuyl (crater)

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Reuyl Crater
Aeolis map.JPG
Map of Aeolis quadrangle. The Spirit Rover landed in Gusev crater. It found volcanic rocks that probably came from Apollinaris Patera. A large pile of layered rocks sits in the middle of Gale Crater.
CoordinatesCoordinates: 9°48′S 193°12′W / 9.8°S 193.2°W / -9.8; -193.2

Reuyl is a crater in the Aeolis quadrangle of Mars, located at 9.8° south latitude and 193.2° west longitude. It measures 85.9 kilometers in diameter and was named after Dirk Reuyl, a Dutch-American physicist and astronomer (1906–1972) who made astronomical measurements of the diameter of Mars in the 1940s.[1]

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