Astronomy:Bonestell (crater)

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Short description: Crater on Mars
Bonestell (crater)
Bonestell crater Viking 1 mosaic.jpg
Viking Orbiter 1 mosaic with Bonestell at center
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] : 42°22′N 30°34′W / 42.37°N 30.57°W / 42.37; -30.57
Diameter42.4 km

Bonestell is an impact crater in the Northern hemisphere in the Mare Acidalium quadrangle of Mars, located at 42.37° North and 30.57° West.[1] It is 42.4 km (26.3 mi) in diameter and was named after Chesley Bonestell, a famous American space artist (1888-1986), whose drawings inspired many young people to study sciences.[2]

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