Astronomy:Tinia Valles

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Tinia Valles
Tinia Valles.JPG
The Tinia Valles, as seen by HiRISE (click for full size image to view the dark slope streaks)
CoordinatesCoordinates: 4°42′S 149°00′W / 4.7°S 149°W / -4.7; -149

The Tinia Valles are a set of channels in an ancient valley in the Memnonia quadrangle of Mars, located at 4.7° south latitude and 149° west longitude. They are 18.7 km long and were named after a classical river in Italy.[1] The associated valley has many dark slope streaks on its walls. These features are widely believed to be avalanches of a thin layer of bright dust that usually covers the dark surface beneath.